The best Asian restaurants in New York

If you are visiting the Big Apple, note the culinary attractions that offer. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear New York? Times Square? Brooklyn Bridge? Statue of Liberty? All of these sites deserve your attention. The city that never sleeps must be visited to be truly understood. Be felt both his brilliance and darkest sides.

Place brings together the more than 8 million people, has something to show your visitors. Making the Big Apple in one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Malasian restaurantSean Hergat is one of the leading chefs in contemporary New York. Several years ago, is awarded the “Best New Chef” of New York Magazine, received 29 of 30 points from the popular system of evaluation of restaurants, hotels and other Zagat, and the winner of the award for “Best New Restaurant “to SHO Shaun Hergatt magazines Esquire and New York Magazine.

Competition between bars and restaurants in New York is fierce. Every day open new restaurants and everyone should be marked by something other to survive. You will be fascinated by the variety of Malaysian restaurant NYC, Singapore restaurant NYC and Thai restaurants NYC, coffees, hot chocolates, wines or desserts on a single menu. You’ll be surprised how much more specialized institutions is cakes, puddings, raw food, or whiskey, for example. This is a paradise for consumers, which has a huge selection.

While legendary restaurants attract New Yorkers, tourists are more daring and prefer ethnic restaurants. Usually waiters to tip 15-20%.

Malaysian restaurant NYC – Pastis

Pastis is a French bistro with real Malaysian atmosphere. In summer you can enjoy the beautiful, but often crowded terrace. This is a good place for a late dinner and a place to see celebrities.

Singapore restaurant NYC – Little Owl

Singaporean chefLittle Owl is small but romantic and cozy place. Served wonderful meals at reasonable prices. An interesting detail of the building is that it was filmed TV series “Friends”.

Thai restaurants NYC – The Grey Dogs Coffee

Charming and popular cafe and restaurant located in the heart of Greenwich. Good place to visit if you’re really hungry (have a wide selection of snacks) or if you need a strong coffee with rich aroma.

Given its enviable record in the culinary world, surely we can trust his judgment portend. Therefore we present his Top 5 best restaurants in New York.

  1. Masa – Malaysian restaurant NYC

Restaurant with Malaysian cuisine, where the quality of ingredients is a cult. According Hergat, there is prepared the best sushi in New York. The chef personally knows visitors and practically cooks separately for each of them.

  1. Singapore restaurant NYC -Restaurant with tasting menu, which changes every day. Food and service are impeccable. Meat dishes are considered the best in town.

Address: Time Warner Center, 4th fl., 10 Columbus Cir

  1. Nonna – Thai restaurants NYC

Thai restaurant must be tried  – the best in New York.

Adres: 310 W 38th St

  1. Daniel

Singapura NYCHigh class restaurant whose menu Hergat defined as impeccable. Canard ala Presse is the best duck, which he himself has tried in the past 5 years.

Address: 60 E 65th St

  1. Kats Deli

Guests of the restaurant you should try the sandwich Pastrami. For its preparation is required half a pound of meat. However, the result is phenomenal.